What is a tmp?

Commercial developments over 50,000 square feet and residential projects with more than 100 units are required to provide a Transportation Management Program (TMP) for their building tenants and employees. These programs are intended to reduce the ongoing traffic impact associated with commute trips to buildings.The city has similar “Commute Trip Reduction” requirements for large employer work sites. These types of programs can also help to increase the accessibility of a building to employees, balance parking demand with available supply and support LEED building certification.  

TransManage supports 15 TMP’s across the City of Bellevue with fee-for-services to create and manage these programs for property managers as the building's designated transportation coordinator. The rates are based on square footage or employee count. We'll develop the cost and scope that fits your budget and your needs.

Approximately 17,000 Bellevue employees or residents have access to TransManage building services.