Meet Our Team

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Paige Anderson | Communications

(425) 283-1356

Paige joined the Bellevue Downtown Association in April of 2016. She supports the various TransManage programs with communications, program design, and customer service.

Preferred commute: ST 550


Travis lange | Transportation Outreach Coordinator

(425) 283-1357

Travis joins the TransManage team from Austin, TX.  He works with the Downtown Bellevue community to reduce single car occupancy and inform them about commute alternatives. Travis loves baseball and anything Mike Trout related.  

Preferred Commute: Carpool


Phyllis Porter | Transportation Outreach Associate

(425) 453-3111

Phyllis joins our team with years of experience in community engagement and outreach. She supports a variety of TransManage programs with outreach, engagement and customer service.

Preferred Commute: Light Rail/ST 550