Emergency Ride Home 

Registered TransManage Building Program participants who bus, bike, walk, carpool or vanpool to work are eligible for the TransManage Emergency Ride Home benefit.

The benefit includes reimbursement for up to four rides home, up to fifty miles in length in the instance of a qualifying emergency.

Qualifying Emergencies

Employee illness: The employee becomes ill and must leave work.
Family member illness: An immediate family member becomes ill and the employee must leave work to pick up or care for him or her.
Unscheduled overtime: The employee learns that he or she must work unscheduled overtime on the same day on which the overtime occurs.
Abandonment by one’s regular vanpool or carpool: The employee becomes stranded at work by his or her regular vanpool or carpool.
Bicycle emergency: The employee has an unrepairable flat tire, is injured or his or her bicycle is stolen. 

Applying for Reimbursement

In order to receive a TransManage Emergency Ride Home reimbursement, employees must be a registered participant of their building’s TransManage Building Program.

If you experience a qualifying emergency, arrange for a ride home with a taxi company or transportation network company service, such as Lyft, Uber and be sure to request a receipt from the driver. The receipt must show fare paid, the driver’s name and mileage. You will then need to complete the form below and submit it along with the original receipt to TransManage within two (2) days of returning to work.

TransManage may then verify your qualified emergency with your supervisor and issue you a refund check within one month of receiving the request.

Please complete this form to process your reimbursement after you've taken a ride.