Our Story

Created in 1986 to confront the transportation challenges of a growing downtown, TransManage is one of the longest standing Transportation Management Associations (TMA’s) in the country and the mission could not be more relevant given the growth this region is facing. 

Our mission is to enhance Downtown Bellevue's quality of life and economic vitality by improving transportation options and accessibility.

We forge great partnerships with local jurisdictions and transit agencies to ensure downtown mobility is achieved through sound transportation demand management (TDM) strategies. As an extension of the Bellevue Downtown Association, we leverage our close ties with property managers, employers and businesses in the downtown core and the greater Eastside to encourage and educate commuters and businesses on the benefits of transit, walking, bicycling, ridesharing and working from home. We realize that any effective TDM strategy must be implemented at a regional level, therefore our scope of work takes us outside of downtown Bellevue to regional corridors and nearby commercial centers.  


As employees of the Bellevue Downtown Association, our TransManage team members are committed to the overall mission of the BDA to strengthen the economic and cultural vitality of Downtown Bellevue.


Downtown Bellevue is the economic and cultural heart of the Eastside in an interconnected region. Downtown Bellevue is a:

  • Viable, livable, memorable and accessible city core.

  • Center for creative global talent and innovative businesses.

  • Thriving retail, dining and entertainment destination.

  • Healthy and engaged residential community.

  • Vibrant partner with surrounding cities and neighborhoods.