Employees who bus, bike, walk, carpool, vanpool or telework to work at least four days per week are eligible for certain benefits by registering with TransManage. 

Preferential parking for carpools and vanpools: Tenants who share the ride with at least one other building employee can park in preferential parking. Preferential parking is limited. In order to qualify for preferential parking, all carpool/vanpool partners who work in Summit must register with TransManage.

Free park days: Tenants who bus, bike, walk, carpool, vanpool or telework may earn two (2) days of free parking in the building garage per month. Each ticket is uploaded with two entrances and two exits. Parking passes expire on the last day of the month.

There are two ticket distribution events held at the Summit:

  • 2nd to last business day of the month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
  • 2nd business day of the month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Participants will have until the 10th of the month (or the Friday before, if the 10th falls on a weekend) to pick up passes at the TransManage office, next door (400 108th Ave. NE, #110, Bellevue, WA). Tickets will not be held or distributed in the property management office.

Emergency Ride Home: Tenants who are enrolled in the TransManage building program can receive reimbursement for up to four emergency rides home per year. 


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Register for these benefits

If today's date is on or before the 20th, your free park days will go into effect next month. If it is after the 20th, they will not begin until the following month. All other program benefits are active upon TransManage's receipt of this registration form. 

If you selected Carpool or Vanpool please list your fellow carpool/vanpool partners names, employers and indicate which member will be the primary driver. All partners who work in Summit must register with TransManage
Program Eligibility *
I certify that I use the listed mode of commuting to work at least 4 days per week.
Program Eligibility *
If my commute mode changes I will notify TransManage within one week.
Program Terms *
I understand that I may have to re-register for the program at most quarterly, at TransManage's request.
Program Terms *
I understand that this program may change at any time, at the property manager's discretion.
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Occasionally TransManage sends updates regarding transportation in Bellevue. The E-Updates include an unsubscribe link, if you wish to not receive these updates please take the time to unsubscribe when you receive an E-Update.

In June and December of each year TransManage will email current participants requesting they re-register online with TransManage to continue receiving program benefits. This program is brought to you by property management as a benefit for choosing a non-drive-alone commute alternative the majority of the time. TransManage, in conjunction with property management and parking garage management reserve the right to revoke TransManage benefits to abusers of the program at any time.